Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wolfgang Thaler and the "Architecture in the Socialist Yugoslavia"

Iva Kovač from HDLU send us a tip: http://www.jutarnji.hr/-zbog-onoga-sto-se-gradilo-u-sfrj--povijest-arhitekture-pisat-ce-se-iznova-/888173/

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photos from the SMS workshop held at HDLU, Zagreb

The workshop took place on September 2007 at HDLU, just before the general opening of Slought in Transit and installation by Oswaldo Romberg. The participants reflected on the question: how do cities, and the city of Zagreb in particular, generate political education today and historically through art, architecture, and urban planning inherited from the Socialist era such as the abandoned memorial at Petrova gora? Presentations by Lea Vene and Bojan Mrdjenovic on the situation of Kumrovec, and their research on modern myths in art and politics in Zagreb.

These photos are taken during the final workshop held at the HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists) organized by School of Missing Studies and hosted by Slought in Transit. Participants (in random order): Zeljko Mrkšić (Zagreb), Sonja Lebos (Zagreb), Bojan Mucko (Zagreb), Lea Vene (Zagreb), Ena Schulz (Zagreb), Branko Franceschi (Zagreb), Aaron Levi (Philadelphia), Fedja Gavrilović (Zagreb), Oswaldo Romberg (Tel Aviv/Philadelphia), Zlatko Kopljar (Zagreb), Günther Holler-Schuster (Graz), Iva Kovač (, Zagreb), Gaella Alexandra Gottwald (Zagreb) and Srdjan Weiss (Philadelphia).

Participants in the PM gallery at HDLU, Zagreb
Fedja Gavrilović and Bojan Mucko
Günther Holler-Schuster and Zlato Kopljar
Aaron Levi and Lea Vene
Branko Franceschi 
Oswaldo Romberg
Ena Schulz
Zlatko Kopljar & Srdjan Weiss
The participants

City as a School of Politics, SMS workshop held in Zagreb, Guests include Armin Linke, Darko Fritz and Rada Jankovic

SMS held a series of roundtables and a workshop in Zagreb. We were invited to do this by the Slought Foundation. Here is the link: http://slought.org/content/11370/ More to come.
Here is the description from the Slought Foundation's website:

September 04-September 27, 2010
at HDLU - Mestrovic Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia

Reception on Tuesday, September 07, 2010 ; 6:00-8:00pm
Free, reservation not required 

Slought Foundation is pleased to announce "Slought in Transit," an ongoing series of public programs promoting cultural dialogue and institutional exchange. The latest installment will be presented at the HDLU - Mestrovic Pavilion, Croatian Association of Visual Artists, in Zagreb, Croatia, and will take place from September 4-7, 2010. It will include public programs with artists, curators, and architects including Katherine Carl, Aaron Levy, Armin Linke, Osvaldo Romberg, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, and others, with a companion installation in the PM Gallery of the Mestrovic Pavilion exploring the activities of the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia. This program has been made possible through the generous support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding, New York and is presented in collaboration with the Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde (www.avantgarde-museum.com), which is assisting in its coordination. For more information, please contact Branko Franceschi, the local organizer of the project.
In the spirit of the conceptual information shows of the early 1970s, the exhibition component of Slought in Transit at the HDLU - Mestrovic Pavilion (http://www.hdlu.hr/eng/) takes the form of an archival exploration revisiting past programs at Slought Foundation about contemporary art, architecture, and social theory. Juxtaposing video documentation of past projects alongside posters, publications, and live discursive events, we communicate Slought Foundation's signature mix of art, culture, and politics to the public of Zagreb.
Live events have been organized in conjunction with the Slought in Transit project in Zagreb. They revolve around the question of “Political Education,” taking a cue from an investigation of the abandoned political school in Kumrovec, and raise questions exploring the way in which the city of Zagreb can be thought of as a political school. Organized by Katherine Carl and in conjunction with the School of Missing Studies, they include:

September 4, 2010
12pm, HDLU: Photo safari led by School of Missing Studies and Armin Linke to an abandoned political school near Kumrovec

September 5
1pm, HDLU: Presentations by Berlin-based artist Armin Linke on his photographic work and Maroje Mrduljas on Continuing Modernism
7pm: Presentations by Feda Gavrilovic on the ethicization of art in the Zagreb scene, Darko Fritz presents on New Tendencies, and Rada Iva Jankovic on Gorgona, followed by a public conversation with Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

September 6
12pm, HDLU: Photo safari led by School of Missing Studies to the Petra Gora monument

September 7
5pm, HDLU: Workshop reflecting on the question: how do cities, and the city of Zagreb in particular, generate political education today and historically through art, architecture, and urban planning? Presentations by Lea Vene and Bojan Mrdjenovic on the photo safari to Kumrovec, and their research on modern myths in art and politics in Zagreb, in dialogue with Branko Franceschi, Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde; Osvaldo Romberg on broader questions of cities as sites of political education; Aaron Levy on Slought Foundation's Perpetual Peace Project, and Guenther Holler-Schuster of the Neue Galerie Graz, moderated by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

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Video works by Ksenija Turcic and Darko Fritz, and selected images from safari and presentations (forthcoming)